Distribution Transformers

The transformer with a large capacity, capable of transmitting electricity far away and reducing the waste of a large amount of energy during the transmission and distribution of electricity. NEEK transformer has an energy efficiency of up to 99%, able to operate continuously at full load and stably for a full day to ensure that the whole electrical system works efficiently.

Overload capacity of 120% for 2 hours a day if required.

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Technical Specifications

A modern and advanced machine line, as well as a team of skilled engineers, have precisely designed and produced the NEEK machine. We ensure that the quality procedure is followed and that high-quality standard products are produced.
The three-phase oil-immersed transformer, in particular, has very low noise, strong short-circuit resistance, high lightning protection, and long and high overload resistance

Three Phase
25 kVA-3000 kVA
Voltage Rating
11 kV, 33 kV
Oil-immersed transformer