Corporate Social Responsibility

In NEEK we believe in giving back to the society.

Impact from NEEK

Empowering Economic Opportunity For All

Training & Education

Every child should have the access to explore literature all around the world. They have the right to education and discover the numerous possibilities of it. We stand for education and learning.

Creation of Library

The Team of NEEK helped Shankar Joti Scondary School, Golpingtar, Makwanpur to build a school library.

Donation of Transformers

For educational development in Nepal, NEEK donated two 750 kVA transformers to Kathmandu University Turbine Testing Lab, one of the top recognized and reputable universities in Nepal. Neek also has donated 25 and 50 KVA Transformer donations for rural electrification to the National Association of Community Electricity Users-Nepal. And, Neek also donated two 25 kVA Transformers were donated to Nepal Telecom Wireless Service Directorate.

Provided a LED TV for Montessori Students

NEEK provided Shree Aananda Bhairab Lower Secondary School, Dangungay, Makwanpur with a LED TV to the Montessori students.

Giving Back To Our Communities

Due to the support of different communities of Nepal, NEEK has been able sustain and grow. So we have a strong belief to give back to the communities.

Building Ganesh Temple

Near NEEK’s factory, at Thanabharayang on the East-West Highway, we built a Ganesh temple for Hindu devotees. The total cost of temple construction has been contributed by the company itself.

COVID Safety and Precautions being Implemented

During covid, financial contribution to National Business Initiative (“NBI”) to import oxygen-generating plants from Europe and provide assistance to install plants at several national and regional hospitals. Maintaining #SocialDistancing norms and government guidelines for industrial operation, we are getting back to your service.

Financial Support

Neek made a financial contribution to the Erection and Commissioning of Dhading Micro Hydro. Neek also supported to Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association.

NEEK Pratikchhalaya (Passenger Waiting Shed)

We built a Passenger Waiting Shed near our factory in Thanabharayang in consideration of the local community passengers who go across the East-West Highway and need to wait for their destination vehicle.