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Since 1992, NEEK company has operated responsibly with our mission, vision, and values at the core of everything we do.

Company's Core Values

To be market leader of Power & Distribution Transformer in Nepal with sound technical excellence.


Customer Relationship

Develop customer relationships which provide services tailored to specific customer needs

Employee Developement

Provide employees with on-going training to enhance knowledge and skills, develop problem solving and decision making abilities, and offer opportunities for advancement;

Cost Effectiveness

Apply cost effective production systems and sound fiscal planning;

Continuous Improvement

Utilize Continuous Process Improvement strategies to ensure the highest quality products and services.

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About Neek

A Recognized Leader in Transformer Manufacturing Industry

Over the past 30 years, NEEK has delivered some of the largest, most notable electrical infrastructure and commercial and industrial projects across Nepal. Our comprehensive approach to providing superior electrical construction services, combined with our integrated solutions, extensive expertise, and comprehensive approach to providing superior electrical construction services, results in strong outcomes with exceptional customer service and value. Neek is actively contributing to the efforts to eliminate modern slavery through its innovative approaches and commitment to making a meaningful difference. NEEK has been recognized as the top transformer manufacturer in Nepal.

NEEK and MD, Mr. Kush Kumar Joshi is the First Nepalese Company and Executive to be featured in The CEO Magazine Global Edition on February 2023

Technical Excellence

Through continuous innovation and research

When choosing a transformer, the buyer should consider not only the initial price but also the estimated maintenance costs, the cost of no-load losses in the iron core, the cost of load losses in the windings, the quality of raw materials used, and the effectiveness of the after-sales services provided.

To determine the most economical design for a particular application it is important to know the capitalized value that is affected by a particular kind of loss. This value can then be compared to the initial cost. It is found that higher initial costs caused by the use of high-grade CRGO silicon steel sheets and copper windings are counterbalanced by lower operational costs.

NEEK transformers are manufactured using quality material and by the most modern and reliable technology and methods, hence resulting in a superior product. Custom designs that offer optimum results as per individual customer needs are available upon request.

The purpose of testing is to prove the validity of all technical data and to ensure the sound performance of the transformer. NEEK transformers are subjected to Routine tests which are carried out on all transformers and Type Tests are carried out on all of the new designs of the Distribution Transformers.

Our History

Quick glance through history

A brief summary about our history


First Visit to Bangkok to Ekrat


First 1 year training program was established (total 5 members)


Establishment of NEEK & First transformer project by Prism edge World for the Nepalgunj Airport Hanger


supply to Bhutan with first contract for 2 transformers.


NEEK first Nepal transformer to receive CPRI type tested certificate 2002


NEEK biggest international tender awarded in Bhutan for 1200 units


Became the first to introduce 2 years warranty in the market for transformer

Message from Managing Director

At Neek, we believe in the power of transformation. With the conviction that quality survives, innovation sustains, and service retains, we are revolutionizing the energy sector of Nepal. We have the engineering know-how and technology necessary to produce precision-engineered goods like transformers. With over 30 years of experience, we are transforming the energy industry in Nepal and giving millions of people access to electricity. Join us as we embrace the immense potential of our nation one transformer at a time.

Kush Kumar Joshi
Managing Director, NEEK