Technical Excellence

While choosing a transformer, the buyer should not only consider the initial price of the transformer but also the estimated maintenance costs, the cost of no-load losses in the iron core, the cost of load losses of the windings, the quality of raw materials used and the effectiveness of the after – sales services offered.

In order to determine the most economical design for a particular application, it is important to know the capitalized value that is affected by a particular kind of loss. This value can then be compared to the initial cost. It is found that higher inital cost caused by the use of high-grade CRGO silicon steel sheets and copper windings are counter balanced by lower operational costs.

NEEK transformers are manufactured using quality material and by the most modern and reliable technology and methods, hence resulting in a superior product. Custom designs that offers optimum results as per individual customer needs are available upon request. The purpose of testing is to prove the validity of all technical data and to ensure the sound performance of the transformer. NEEK transformers are subjected to Routine tests which are carried out on all transformers and Type Tests are carried out on all of the new designs of the Distribution Transformers.


– Temperature Rise Test
– Impulse Test


– Short Circuit Test


– Ratio Test
– Resistance Measurement
– Polarity and Phase Relation Test
– No Load Loss Test
– Excitation Current Test
– Impedance and Load Loss Test
– Applied Potential Test
– Induced Potential Test
– Oil Test
– Insulation Resistance Test
– Leakage Test